Thursday, August 7, 2008

My neighbor's Block Party can beat up Your neighbor's block party!

SO I realize that it's been a few weeks since the 24th of July, but how could I not blog about the BEST DANG BLOCK PARTY??? Let's I begin with talking about the cotton candy, or the snow cones, or the dunking booth, or the huge blow up slide??? Or maybe I should talk about the thousands of dollars in fireworks that had necessetated a Bail Bondsmen to be on Stand-by incase "someone" who had to be on a plane the next day got arrested! And what would an amazing Fireworks display be without the one and only "ROCKET CHICK" ??? She was discovered by "someone" in my ward at a "ghetto" 4th of July celebration in now she has a standing invitation for the ROCKINGEST 24th Party in the World! ( yes, I know "rockingest" isn't a real world :o) Anyway, Thanks Amanda for the invite- WE had a BLAST!!!!