Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AND I MEAN IT! NOT ONE WORD PEOPLE! So My Love took the little ones out of the house while the bigger ones did their homework so I could have a few minutes away from the computer and just relax. (Maybe I was being a little too much of a cranky pants) ANYWAY...WHAT IN THE WHAT, WHAT?????????? REALLY!!!!!!!!! I just got to the Book Jacob...The last chapter of the first book...WHAT??????????????? I am seriously beside myself! I have so much editing to do, and I PROMISED myself that I would get it all done before continuing on, but...WHAT??????????????? Okay, I'm done saying WHAT??? now. But you want to hear something funny? Do you? SO after I got done reading The Book I decided that I should get my nightly Scripture Study in then, since I had a quiet house...So as I finished the last chapter of 2nd Nephi...where do you think I landed???? THE BOOK OF JACOB! WHAT????????????????


Triston said...

Ha Ha I felt the same way about the last book I didn't like how it ended either. I am reading Breaking Dawn also, I can't wait to hear how you like it. Edward reminds me of my hubby Jon ( he is a smart a__ like Edward its pretty funny)

Natalie said...

Amy, I'm curious how you're getting along with the book! It was a bit predictable for me, but overall I enjoyed it. Hope you're having a good time finishing the book! :o)

Pays said...

How can I not say anything!! You will have a few more of those "WHAT" moments. That's all I'm going to say!

Anonymous said...

I just finished it last night. good read.

bananaberry128 said...

4 rizzzle my shnizzle!!!
i just started reading them again. sad huh!

awsome read!!

let us know what you think.

my blog dosent give away any of the story-i swear!!