Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you know who we are?????

Us bloggers we???? We who sit at the end of the day and journal. About our day...about choices that we've made, some quite significant, and some just stupid. We write about things that we want to remember in the future...some funny, some sad, some happy, and some just stupid. Instead of journaling with a pen and a notebook or a fancy journal that our aunt may have given us on the day we were Baptized when we were 8 years old (that still has yet to be filled), we journal on expensive computers. We type. DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE?????

Boy Genius. Who at the end of a long hard day of being an extraordinary teenage doctor would sit at his DOS system computer and journal with bright lime green letters on a dark green screen with a huge blinking curser. And what would he write about? Choices that he made, some quite significant, and some just stupid...
I bet that it was quite stressful being a young Doctor when he should have been out having milkshakes with Winny (sorry, wrong show). But I'm guessing that the part that we didn't see once he ended his journal entry for the day was the rousing game of Oregon Trail that he would rock out before going to bed at night.
I may be wrong....
Anyway, who'd have thought that this is what the future was going to be???

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Isn't it annoying....

When you go to check someones blog and they haven't updated in over 3 months??????
I KNOW...I KNOW! I can't stand it when that happens...what is with these people???

I promise to do better........starting tomorrow :o)