Sunday, December 23, 2007

She's lucky she's so cute...

Every family needs a Bette!!! She is the biggest, sweetest, beautiful little NUT in the world! I was talking to Mike one night while he was at our house and we were laughing our faces off because of how crazily silly she is and I think it was then that I realized that it was probably because her name is Bette. I've never seen any sweet little girls with names like Emily or Sarah (which I love...) act as nutty as my little Bette Spaghetti.
So Thanksgiving night after everyone left our little "after party" I was sitting on the couch in our family room just relaxing and holding the baby when I got that feeling of dread that you get from realizing that it has been a little too quiet with a 2 year old in the room. When I got up enough courage to look behind me into the kitchen...there she was with her hands just swimming and squishing around in a bowl of the yummiest cream cheese frosting for Lia's super delicious pumpkin cookies. I didn't know what to say so I just stared at her for a minute waiting to see what she would do...and what comes out of her mouth with that cute little grin on her face??? "Mana Mana!!!" (You know, that Muppet sketch, "Mana mana doo doo da doo doo"...if you don't know what I'm talking about look for Mana Mana on
I was laughing so hard!!! I often wonder what the thinking process in her 2year old little brain is like. I imagine it went something like this:
"Uh-oh, I'm totally busted...Okay she's looking at me but she's not saying anything yet...she's still looking at do I get out of this............Oh what the heck............MANA MANA.........Okay she's laughing, I kinda thought that would work."
Every family needs a Bette!