Saturday, July 19, 2008


Uncle Mike and Aunt Karalee

What's a summer without swimming??? My kids are little fishes who can't get enough of the water! We had such a great time with Mike and Karalee at the pool (they are, after all their absolute FAVES!) And why wouldn't they? We've gotten season passes to Seven Peaks in the past but with a new baby, gas prices and that pesky little Crypto..We decided WAY against it this year. But my kids talked me into going once this year so we went last week. I will always see Bette's HUGE smile in my mind when I think of how fun going down the little slide was for her. She'd go down, run to me, give Ava and I a hug and run back to do it all over again. She got knocked over by a few kids and her face would be completely underwater at times, I totally thought that would freak her out, but each time she just brushed it off like it was no biggy. I was very impressed, she surprises me every once in a while. And my squeaky little Reagan was actually big enough this year to not get knocked over by the smallest wave in the kiddie pool, so right away she was already talking about how she wants her birthday party to be at Seven Peaks this year. I, ever so sweetly told her that we're most likely going to need to plan something else, but in my mind I was screaming "No way in H' are we going to have a birthday party here!!!!!" My nerves were completely shot by the end of the day with holding Ava and keeping my eye on Reagan and Bette for 5 hours...and cringing each and every time water would splash on us, I had visions of tiny little bacteria going into our mouths and down our throats (Like on the T.V. show HOUSE). And to those of you who may be wondering why I didn't invite you to come with us, I knew that I wouldn't be very good for a conversation because I was absolutely focused on leaving there with as many children as I got there with :). All in all, the stress of it all was so worth the beautiful smiles on my little ones faces. Even Ava was kicking her little legs as soon as she saw the water, which I don't understand because we can barely wash her hair in the tub before she's trying to climb out.

Well, Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Be Safe!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

this is Reagan

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't pee your pants

I saw this on Adhis' blog and I just had to share...I was falling out of the chair laughing when I read through the comments on this article!!! (Be sure to click on the image to make it bigger if you can't see it that well)
So here are the comments:

by getitfixed: I'm glad they caught this guy before he did a drive-by on the rival gang in Provo with his pea shooter. He could have put out an innocent bystanders eye!

by I Can't Be Serious: We should go easy on this guy... After all, with gas prices at their current levels, even a pink tricycle is starting to look good to me....

by Billy_Jack: Those gang initiations get better and better...

by Grimalkin: Maybe it's part of a big theft ring. Maybe they were going to strip it out for parts and sell them to shady bicycle repairmen. You can't put anything past these guys.

by johnseeholmes: It sounds like this guy is really having a hard time transitioning off of his mission.

by Truestory4: He probably figured it was safer than a 2-wheeler. Maybe he was drunk and needed that extra stability to stay up right. next he'll be stealing big boy bikes with training wheels.

by ToddE : He is part of the Buttercream Gang. All the others have bicycles. Just wanted to go help widow Jenkins who had fallen again.

by UtahCelt: Well... Every one knows that tricycle theft is a gateway theft to more hardcore robberies. Next it will be electric wheelchairs from the supermarket, razors, wheelies, then up to the adult sized bikes.....

by UtahCelt: See what rising fuel prices are driving gang members to do!!! Maybe now we will have pedal-bys instead of drive-bys....

by Cindy132: What type of gangs do they have in Utah County? Little Raskals?

by UtahCelt: I wonder if the police had to do a PIT manuever to spin out the suspect. Was it a high-speed pursuit?

by Observer317: The answer is "yes" on both questions. The officer had to walk briskly after the tricycle, and put his foot in front of one of the back tires. There was no damage to the tricycle, but the pursuing officer’s shoes were scuffed in the altercation.

by UtahCelt: Did the gang member have big floppy shoes, rainbow wig, red nose and go by the name "Homey D. Clown"?

by justapeon: what I want to know is if he was sucking his thumb as he peddled along.

by UtahCelt: I am trying to picture a gang member earning his street creds rollin' phat a Dora the Explorer tricycle with gold spinners....

by Jose V.: Wow!!! I better put my Hotwheels away!

by sundancer: Joyriding down the Boulevard on a stolen tricycle? This is even better than the police beat at BYU...

by x11x: I'm glad KSL did this story, now every time I see a gang banger I can picture him peddling away, flashing a gang sign, and roll'in phat on 3 inch wheels.

by Frankjohn: I can just see the news reports "And the fleeing perpetrator suffered severe puncture wounds to the crotch area when police attempted to spike the tires of the stolen vehicle..."

by Observer317: And everyone laughed at me when I put “The Club” on my Big Wheel. Well, I still have my Big Wheel, who's laughing now?

MY FAVE is this last one about the Big Wheel HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Did someone dare you???"

So my mom called me on Monday to tell me a little about a conversation that she had with Reagan the day before as they were sitting in church together. It always makes my heart drop just a little when people start a conversation with me by saying, "I just wanted to tell you what Reagan said...". Anyway, here it is:

(While looking at the burn on my mom's leg)Reagan- "Oma, what happened to your leg?"
Oma- "I got off of the motorcycle the wrong way"
Reagan- "Did someone dare you???"
I can't quite remember what my mom told me that she said after that. But she did tell me that as they sat after they had talked about it for awhile, Reagan was looking at her leg out of the corner of her eye... and very slowly reached over with her hand and pulled down one of the ruffles of my mom's skirt over the burn .
We had a great laugh over that...Reagan is a HOOT!

Color me bad...(Oh wait) Mine

A lovely time we had at Color Me Mine a few weeks ago! I love hanging out with my girls. Reagan decided that it was her very most favorite place in the whole wide world and wants to live there when she grows up...we're sure going to miss her :(. Kaitlin, although not quite as enthusiastic as Reagan loved it too! I tried my hand at painting a bowl for My Love for Father's Day and ending up wiping the whole thing clean and starting over 3 different times because he couldn't possibly be expected to eat cereal or ice cream from a flawed orange bowl! I finally accepted the fact that I'm not the best ceramic painter in the world and will forever see the vision that I had for that bowl in my brain and that is just going to have to be good enough! He Loved it perfect simple dear husband! For the three days that it took to get our pieces back, all Reagan could talk about was how she was going to eat a piece of garlic bread on her brand new flower plate that she made all by her very own self. I don't even know how she was able to chew her garlic bread with the great big smile she had on her face through the entire dinner. And my darling sweet Kaitlin's beautiful mug met it's untimely demise not even two days home from the I was loading the dishwasher that day, the handle hit the edge of the sink and broke into two pieces. My ever so sweet Kaitlin was so gracious about it because she knew I felt horrible about breaking her art! I guess we'll just have to go back again!
I've been meaning to photograph the finished pieces for weeks now, I'll get them up soon for sure! They look so great!!! (The girls' do anyway).