Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bette's FAVES

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fabulous Family Night

SHOOT... I totally meant to post this earlier and tell you what a fun time we had at the Children's Museum at The Gateway! I hope everyone (that wanted to) had a chance to go and see "The Body" Exhibit with Sesame Street. Reagan and Bette learned SO much about everything from how our brains work to digestion and poop...wowsers, they covered just about everything.
This was one of the funnest family nights! We started the night off at Rodizio Grill in Trolley Square. I absolutely LOVE eating at Rodizio or Tucano's with Reagan because every time one of the servers would come by with their huge skewers of meat, Reagan would ask "Is that steak?" and if they said yes, she'd say "YES!!!! I want it!". By the time we left I swear she had eaten her weight in steak. And I feel it's also important to note that she actually tried, and LOVED the Rattlesnake! She is the last person on earth that I could ever imagine eating rattlesnake but she surprised us! She has a great time watching people cringe when she tells them all about it!
After our amazing dinner we headed off to The Gateway. Blake and Kaitlin decided that they would rather go shopping at Zumies and PacSun then go to the Children's Museum so they had a great time bonding with their dad and I had a blast with the little ones! This is a rather interesting time in our lives, I knew there would come a day when Blake and Kailtin would be "too cool" for the things they used to love, I just didn't think it would come this soon. They are such wonderful kids though, andI wouldn't miss this for the world!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Blake's First "Melodrama"

Check out how much taller he is than the rest of the 6th graders...We have no idea how that happened...we're all such shorties in our fam.

Dashing Dan Saves the Day!!! Blake was a total Rock Star in his first Play at School. He played the Hero who saved Beauty Bell from Robbers...or something...I think that's what the 6th grade play was all about! It was so great to see him up on stage working his magic! We were so proud of him, he was a total natural. We thought that he'd totally want to be in more plays after seeing how great he did, but after the show, the first thing he said in the car was "Man I'm glad that's over with, I don't think I ever want to act again!". He's lucky I'm not a psycho stage mother :0).
Anyway...Great Job Bud, WE LOVE YOU!!!