Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blake's Birthday

So it wasn't the complete surprise that I was going for but Blake couldn't have been more happy about his birthday this year. There were only two things that he really, really wanted while I was preggers with Ava- He wanted me to send him out in the middle of the night for some absurd craving and he also wanted the phone call while he was at work saying "It's time to come home, we're having our baby today!" . He's never gotten the phone call because I've either gone into labor in the middle of the night or been induced. The poor thing never had a chance to get his phone call. So I was determined that whatever time of day I went into labor this time I would wait until Blake was gone so I could call him, (even if he'd only been out the door for 5 minutes). Anyway, that plan kind of got messed up when he was with me at one of my appointments and I had flunked my first diabetes test and with that the doctor said that if I did have gestational diabetes then she would most likely induce me early. So Blake of coarse asked if we could have the baby on his birthday...and whaddya know, she said that would be fine. So, Blake was banned from any more Dr.'s visits from then on and because I passed the second diabetes test I told him that the plan for being induced on his birthday was off, which technically it was because at every visit she would tell me that I definitely wasn't ready, whoo hoo! Then when I was talking to some friends they were like "just schedule being induced on Blake's birthday, send him to work and give him his phone call then" Brilliant!!! SO that was the plan. I had a photo shoot before my Dr.s appointment the day before Blake's birthday so I wouldn't have to find an excuse to get out of the house to get to that...everything was going according to plan. I was so excited until everything fell apart at Blake's work and he was going to have to end up going in and working practically all night long. What the CRAP? Anyway to make a long story short, I guess the reaction on my face made Blake think that something was definitely up and the little stinker got it out of me. So... he didn't get his phone call but knowing that we were going to have our baby on his birthday was more than wonderful!
He woke up to his Birthday sign and balloons and at 7:00 we went in to the hospital, I got some dang good drugs in my system and at about 2:43 in the afternoon our little Ava was born. She was so small and precious! What a great way to spend Blake's birthday. We had Mike and Karalee pick up some take-out from Mimi's, Lia taught Kaitlin how to make a marble cake...and we had a Beautiful little baby girl!!!