Saturday, July 19, 2008


Uncle Mike and Aunt Karalee

What's a summer without swimming??? My kids are little fishes who can't get enough of the water! We had such a great time with Mike and Karalee at the pool (they are, after all their absolute FAVES!) And why wouldn't they? We've gotten season passes to Seven Peaks in the past but with a new baby, gas prices and that pesky little Crypto..We decided WAY against it this year. But my kids talked me into going once this year so we went last week. I will always see Bette's HUGE smile in my mind when I think of how fun going down the little slide was for her. She'd go down, run to me, give Ava and I a hug and run back to do it all over again. She got knocked over by a few kids and her face would be completely underwater at times, I totally thought that would freak her out, but each time she just brushed it off like it was no biggy. I was very impressed, she surprises me every once in a while. And my squeaky little Reagan was actually big enough this year to not get knocked over by the smallest wave in the kiddie pool, so right away she was already talking about how she wants her birthday party to be at Seven Peaks this year. I, ever so sweetly told her that we're most likely going to need to plan something else, but in my mind I was screaming "No way in H' are we going to have a birthday party here!!!!!" My nerves were completely shot by the end of the day with holding Ava and keeping my eye on Reagan and Bette for 5 hours...and cringing each and every time water would splash on us, I had visions of tiny little bacteria going into our mouths and down our throats (Like on the T.V. show HOUSE). And to those of you who may be wondering why I didn't invite you to come with us, I knew that I wouldn't be very good for a conversation because I was absolutely focused on leaving there with as many children as I got there with :). All in all, the stress of it all was so worth the beautiful smiles on my little ones faces. Even Ava was kicking her little legs as soon as she saw the water, which I don't understand because we can barely wash her hair in the tub before she's trying to climb out.

Well, Hope you all are enjoying your summer! Be Safe!


bananaberry128 said...

You are so brave! I can't go just for the bacteria reason. Youare such a good mommy-All I ever here is how wonderful your kids are to you an loving and helpful. Wanna raise some boys to listen? I have 2 that are lacking in that area. I know it has alot to do with me and my patience, and I know I can always do better( i pray everynight that my boys will forgive me for being such a bad mommy) I am sure haveing a wonderful husband to lift your sweet spirit up and his example how he treats you does ALOT too. I am so greatful for your life experiences so I can look up to something I know I should be. Thanks for setting the standard! luv you

Anonymous said...

We need to go swimming together!