Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Color me bad...(Oh wait) Mine

A lovely time we had at Color Me Mine a few weeks ago! I love hanging out with my girls. Reagan decided that it was her very most favorite place in the whole wide world and wants to live there when she grows up...we're sure going to miss her :(. Kaitlin, although not quite as enthusiastic as Reagan loved it too! I tried my hand at painting a bowl for My Love for Father's Day and ending up wiping the whole thing clean and starting over 3 different times because he couldn't possibly be expected to eat cereal or ice cream from a flawed orange bowl! I finally accepted the fact that I'm not the best ceramic painter in the world and will forever see the vision that I had for that bowl in my brain and that is just going to have to be good enough! He Loved it perfect simple dear husband! For the three days that it took to get our pieces back, all Reagan could talk about was how she was going to eat a piece of garlic bread on her brand new flower plate that she made all by her very own self. I don't even know how she was able to chew her garlic bread with the great big smile she had on her face through the entire dinner. And my darling sweet Kaitlin's beautiful mug met it's untimely demise not even two days home from the I was loading the dishwasher that day, the handle hit the edge of the sink and broke into two pieces. My ever so sweet Kaitlin was so gracious about it because she knew I felt horrible about breaking her art! I guess we'll just have to go back again!
I've been meaning to photograph the finished pieces for weeks now, I'll get them up soon for sure! They look so great!!! (The girls' do anyway).


Triston said...

We went there to make things for fathers day to. Note to self dont take little kids who cant sit that long it was a fun experience with Addi running all over the place trying to touch all the glass things. So I thought of a great idea and had her sit on my lap to paint (yeah not such a great idea after all) paint was all over the place and our projects were so beautiful (its hard to paint with one hand) so needless to say it was a rough time for us. But dad and papa loved our paintings (I think they were just trying to be nice hehehe) I love this place it is so fun.