Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Week....

What a completely just WONDERFUL week we've had with the LOVE OF MY LIFE being home!!!!
This is the first whole week that he's been able to take off since before Ava was born (we planned and saved two weeks vacation time for when Ava was born so we could have those days, that we'll never get back, to just spend with her and rest and not worry about work...but that didn't get to happen because, to put it lightly, one of the guys he worked with pretty much had no soul) But now...oh these last few days have been GLORIOUS! We'll save our traveling vacations for later,(when Ava can tolerate being in her car seat for more than 20 minutes) we just wanted to have a great relaxing week and we SO HAVE! Monday, Blake took Blakey and Kaitlin long boarding in the canyon...all they've been able to talk about since then is...long boarding in the canyon again! My children have the most absolutely perfect dad for them! He truly cares about their individual interests and loves them so much! He always walks through the door after a crazy day of work with his arms wide open for hugs and a HUGE smile on his face!!! These are the moments that matter most and he dedicates his life to making these moments last! Tuesday and Wednesday, were spent in and on the yard, Reagan and Kaitlin caught a butterfly. Reagan also got 2 new rose bushes this year, every year she gets a new rose bush for her birthday-because her middle name is Rosemary! Thursday was definitely memorable... I spent the day shooting Ben and Alicia's wedding ( loved it...I'll post about that in the next little while) and while I was at the Salt Lake Temple I met my very most favorite Photographer in all the world KATE BENSON!!!!!!!!! (Can you believe it Karalee...we were just admiring her work the night before). I saw her walk by and I completely just froze because I had only seen pictures of her on her website- And she is as stunningly gorgeous as her work...WOW! Anyway, later we were in the same area and I couldn't help but ask if she was Kate Benson and when she said she was I was just like a gushing idiot...I seriously almost started to cry! I hope she doesn't think that I'm a total psycho... But I want to be just like her when i grow up!!! She is absolutely AMAZE-A-ZING!!! And to top that off, every once in a while I would look up and see my dear cute hubs with baby Ava in her carrier on his chest, and pushing a stroller with Reagan and Bette inside. He so graciously came along with me so Reagan could match the flowers on the temple grounds, and so Ava wouldn't have to wait to long to be fed, and most importantly to be there to support me and offer me his beautiful reassuring smile because he knew that I was nervous out of my brain!!! I can't even say how much I ABSOLUTELY, TRULY, LOVE THAT MAN WITH EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE!!!! One night I was climbing up the stairs at 3:30 in the morning after working on pictures and he came walking down the hall because he came to find me, but then he couldn't go back to sleep because he's used to getting up that early and eating breakfast, so we shared some left-over Chinese food at 3:30 in the morning..."I live for little moments like that!"
Ahhh, what a wonderful time we've had...watched my new FAVE movie "Dan in Real Life" five million hundred times...was pleasantly surprised to find that "The Office" is in the funny groove again ( I was super worried about how weak last week's episode was) but when I watched this week's episode on-line tonight...Heck yes "The Office" is back. This episode had me "AAAAAHHHHWWWWWW-ing and gasping and laughing the whole way through and Jim telling Pam that his proposal is going to kick her a**--- probably my new favorite line from a sitcom EVER!!!!
Sorry this was so long...even sorrier that I have no pictures to show, I didn't dare do anything with my camera out of fear that something tragic would happen to it and I'd have problems with the wedding pictures and when we took Blake's camera with us to the zoo today - With our BFF's - The memory card was full...figures! I'll leave you though with a little somethin' somethin' that I like to call MY NEW FAVE MOVIE!!!

"this corn looks like an angel"


Natalie said...

Awesome Amy! Sounds like you are super great! I just wanted to say that I love that movie too! :o)