Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I gotta have more COW BELL!!!

What a DAD right??? Playing ROCK BAND DRUMS with his baby girl on his lap!

Qua-ah with his poor bandaged hand (or as Reagan calls it, "his poison hand")

So to Celebrate Qua-ah finally getting out of the hospital after 8 days...we had a little Welcome Home Gathering for him so he could be surrounded by his family and have some REAL food...mmmmmm gooood. And it wasn't long before ROCK BAND was hooked up and the fam started ROCKING the walls of the Harrison home. We even got Carl singing..WHOO HOO! But when "Don't Fear the Reaper got started" Blake RAN down to his drum set and brought up his cowbell...oh yeah!!!

It's always a great time when we're together as a family!!! We are soooo blessed to be so close to my side of the family...to be a part of this truly great group of people who know what it's like to be "Family". After everyone leaves and the house is quiet, Blake can always be found with a sweet smile on his face. And he always says something like..."see, this is what a real family is like." I couldn't agree more. The kids always look forward to "Qua-ah" (grandfather in Hopi) stopping by for a quick game of UNO or JENGA or sometimes a long game of Disney Monopoly. Reagan especially loves doing her homework with him and telling him "make sure you sign Qua-ah, not Carl".
And Kaitlin has found a new passion for sewing with my mom Oma, she always gets so excited for the new pieces of fabric that Oma shares with her.
Thank goodness for these completely wonderful people in our lives. My kids have the best Aunts and Uncles, who always bring their wonderful spirits into our home when they stop by.
We don't have to worry about "the stench of contention" or the gossiping and drama that some people just need to make them feel important when my beautiful family is here. Goodness and love and respect for each other... this is family! And that is why there are often a bunch of gorgeous brown people parking their cars in front of our home and walking through our open door!


Triston said...

I love your title!!!! That is awesome!!! Cute family. I am glad your dad is doing better, family is what it is totally about you dont have time for all the drama you never know when your time on earth is up!!!!

Natalie said...

Can I be in your family?! :o)
Awesome blog! Keep instilling those values in your children! Peace and harmony make for loving families!

Charles said...

I think the feeling of having inspiring family members over is truly wonderful. There are some people that whenever I come in contact with them, or we have a family activity, we always end by saying, "That was so great. It's always so good to see them." For me, It's always when I see my Dad or my Mom. It's always so fun to get together as a family. I agree that the "stench of contention" can be rank at times, and I'm so glad that I know where it comes from. I wish we all did.