Friday, May 2, 2008

Blake's First "Melodrama"

Check out how much taller he is than the rest of the 6th graders...We have no idea how that happened...we're all such shorties in our fam.

Dashing Dan Saves the Day!!! Blake was a total Rock Star in his first Play at School. He played the Hero who saved Beauty Bell from Robbers...or something...I think that's what the 6th grade play was all about! It was so great to see him up on stage working his magic! We were so proud of him, he was a total natural. We thought that he'd totally want to be in more plays after seeing how great he did, but after the show, the first thing he said in the car was "Man I'm glad that's over with, I don't think I ever want to act again!". He's lucky I'm not a psycho stage mother :0).
Anyway...Great Job Bud, WE LOVE YOU!!!