Thursday, September 25, 2008

Helmet girl

MMMMAAAAANNNNNNNN has my Reagan had a tough few weeks! You've seen the pictures of her stitched up eyebrow...but OH that was just the beginning of it all. The stitches happened on a Friday, Monday was Labor Day-no school, Tuesday she woke up early, early in the morning with a fever, I suspected that she may have had strep throat, but I decided to give it a few hours before making an appointment and she said that her throat didn't hurt, so we left it at that. Tuesday night- Fever was down. Wednesday morning- Fever was up, still no sore throat. Wednesday night- Fever was down..this went on for the next couple of days. So Friday I'd had it with this wacked out fever and took her in for a strep test and to get her lovely stitches out. By this time she had missed an entire week of School..poor kid. Strep test came back negative (which means good in the medical world, for those of you who watch The Office...WHICH IS STARTING AT 8:00 TONIGHT PEOPLE!!! WHOO HOO!) sorry. Back to my loooong story. Saturday she was all better and excited to get back to school on Monday. Sunday...oh Sunday, My mom was visiting from Orem (I know that we live in Orem too..I'm just sayin') and all of the sudden we heard SCREAMING coming from the bathroom so we go running in to find Reagan with blood overflowing from her mouth and when we finally got her calmed down enough for her to explain what had happened...does anyone want to guess??? She said that she was jumping from the bath tub to the toilet and slipped and hit her mouth on the toilet. WHAT IN THE WHAT??? Don't ask me why she was doing acrobatics, I know that accoustics are better in bathrooms but what does that have to do with handsprings??? Well, she had a huge cut on the inside of her lip that hurt so bad that she couldn't really eat, which meant no school Monday either.In the following days she stubbed her toe, slammed her finger in a drawer and hit her head with the car door as it was opening. I told her that maybe we should put a helmet on her so she wouldn't get hurt as much, so she asked, "what color will it be?" I told her that we could maybe just use her Bicycle helmet...but she wanted a new one. Later that night we were getting ready to read scriptures and pray when Reagan walked into the room wearing this:
She put the two fireman helmets together all by herself. And that's when she declared "I guess I'm just going to have to look like this for the rest of my life!"
Chin up my darling little only gets harder! J/K...sort of. Hang in there!


Pays said...

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh but that is so funny! The poor girl. At least she has a great sense of humor about it!

Leslie said...

Have you ever seen Pure Luck?

That is way too much sad happening to one cute little girlie!

Staci said...

Your poor little baby - what a rough week!!! I absolutely LOVE her helmet though! That is just too cute :)

Hope the next week goes a little smoother for her and your family!

bananaberry128 said...


dylan has been doing the same stuff. but w o all the blood.

so sad to see her sad :(.....

amyharrisonphotography said...

This is Reagan,
Thanks guys, it's okay but now I'm all better except for that big cut in my mouth. I just want you to know I love my family so much for taking care of me when that happened. That's it.