Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So I wrote this 3 months ago...

I thought that I would have added more posts than I have for this, my family blog... I think the main reason for why I haven't is because with about 10 days to go before we have our baby I'm feeling a bit like an old rusty car that drives down the road hoping not to hit a big bump because if I do I'm just going to break apart, hubcaps rolling away and everything. hahahaha. At least that's how I was feeling as I chased Bette from the kids school clear to the park nearby. That girl is not only a little stinker sometimes (giggling and shaking her head while I yelled "Bette Stop!"), but she is FAST. Blake was saying the other day how she is going to be so surprised when I'm not preggers anymore and can catch up to her again--- we'll see.

So Bette will be 2 years old on Thursday and I have been feeling quite horrible about the fact that she doesn't have a scrapbook to call her own!

She's so sweet as she looks through Reagan's book and asks "Bette???" as she looks at the pictures of her big sis, and I'm going "You bet that is Bette...". So my mission for the past few days has been to get as many pages of her sweet life done as possible. She is such a darling little girl! I've never seen her type of personality before in anyone. She is NOT a cuddle girl at all, yet her favorite things are stuffed dogs, pillows and soft sheets. She loves to jump off anything that she can climb onto and throw or stack anything that she can hold in her little hands. Just tonight at Family Home Evening, Reagan was saying the prayer and as she was saying her sweet little "Bless Nana that she'll feel all better soon, and bless the baby the she'll be healthy and strong...and Please bless Bette that she won't destroy our entire house.." Bette was throwing our Halloween Pumpkins across the living room floor! She is a hoot!!!

There are so many times that I think as I'm holding her (when she lets me) or just looking at her "I hope you can feel how loved you are." because she is always so go go go.

I know that she can sense that something is going on with the baby, but I don't think that she can quite grasp what exactly is going to be happening in the next little while. For the past few nights she has been falling asleep on the floor, she'll climb out of her crib so she can sleep on the carpet. I don't know if she thinks that she's getting kicked out of her crib or what, but that worries me. At least she brings her "Lillies" and her pillows with her so she can be comfy. That's my Bette, she's a little Nut and I love her with all my heart!!!