Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Did someone dare you???"

So my mom called me on Monday to tell me a little about a conversation that she had with Reagan the day before as they were sitting in church together. It always makes my heart drop just a little when people start a conversation with me by saying, "I just wanted to tell you what Reagan said...". Anyway, here it is:

(While looking at the burn on my mom's leg)Reagan- "Oma, what happened to your leg?"
Oma- "I got off of the motorcycle the wrong way"
Reagan- "Did someone dare you???"
I can't quite remember what my mom told me that she said after that. But she did tell me that as they sat after they had talked about it for awhile, Reagan was looking at her leg out of the corner of her eye... and very slowly reached over with her hand and pulled down one of the ruffles of my mom's skirt over the burn .
We had a great laugh over that...Reagan is a HOOT!